Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

What a great Father's Day....

This was our nutritious breakfast... the best strawberry cake E.V.E.R. from Edgar's bakery.
All the kiddos were in such shock that I would even utter the words, "Cake for breakfast" but they weren't going to give me a chance to change my mind either.

So, we had cake for breakfast.. not a bad way to start Father's day if you ask me!!

Following church we had lunch with some friends and then headed out to their place for some outdoor fun!

Daddy and the kids got to fish and mommy and baby got to watch and swing!

Sweet E caught her first fish and she was thrilled. BTW... she was the only one who caught a fish on Father's day.. the boys weren't too excited to be shown up by a girl.. but at the end of the day she's the one who caught the only fish of the day.

As a friend of mine once told me.. It's called fishing NOT catching :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Great Start to Spring Break

So... one my son's had a friend sleep over b/c it's officially spring break and I thought we really needed to start it off right with some wonderful cinnamon rolls with cinnabon icing...
need I say more?????

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My most ridiculous post EVER....

So... here is my trash can..
you still with me??? I told you it was ridiculous :)

This morning I was sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor and I had to move the trash can into the dining room to clean and the top of the trash can was calling my name.

I should be grateful that my children don't leave their mess all over the house and they actually throw their junk away.. but when I saw the trash can top littered with yogurt and peanut butter I wasn't a happy camper. The picture doesn't do it justice.. I actually wiped some off before I decided to share it with you.. so this isn't nearly as bad as it was.. pre-picture!

Feel free to give me a good tongue lashing.. I know it's trivial.. but I guess I need more sleep b/c this one nearly pushed me over the edge this morning.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my precious daughter spilled my coffee all over the counter this morning.. another mess to clean up.

Some days I wish all I had to do was wake up and drink my coffee and have a lazy day.. not likely to happen with 4 kiddos in the house!

Alrighty... I feel so much better now just getting this off my chest.