Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Baby Turns 3

She begged for an Ariel cake forever.. so a family friend who bakes cakes on the side made her this Ariel cake and she LOVED it!

We decorated cookies and they were the party favors.. well the ones that weren't eaten up as soon as they were decorated. I made crowns, flowers and princess shoes for the girls to decorate and I made cars, baseballs and footballs for the boys to decorate.

These are the aprons that the kids wore while decorating cookies.. I made them with their initial and they were able to take them home as party favors as well.

Having some fun decorating cookies!

Finally getting to open her presents!

One of her favorite gifts.. a pair of princess skates that she had to put on immediately.

This is her "embarrassed" face... she was a little embarrassed as we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Blowing out the 3 candles on her Ariel cake.
She had a wonderful time with her family and friends.

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Lianne said...

Great cake! I love the aprons, too. I may steal that idea from you!