Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm divin' in

Official member of the famous "Mistreatment" Club

Alright my Nester friend... this one's for you. I'm officially divin' in and becoming a member of the mistreament club. I've lived in my house for almost 6 1/2 years and have never done a single thing to my bathroom that is downstairs in the basement. It was hideous with its striped wallpaper and just bland overall appearance.

So.. when construction was going on in the house after the fire I decided that I was going to start stripping the wallpaper off and make some changes. How I wish I had taken before pictures b/c the wallpaper was awful.. I think I've mentioned that already. So in Jan/Feb of this year I began the painstakingly tedious task of removing the wallpaper.

BUT with life and children and living in a rental house that was 15 miles away... I didn't quite finish. Then at the end of March we were able to move back into our house so at that point I was more concerned with other areas of the house.. not to mention unpacking hundreds of boxes.

WELL... here I sit in late October and I am finally getting off my butt and finishing the bathroom in the basement. And I must give all the credit to my adorable and precious friend the Nester who has completely inspired me to make my home a place that I actually want to live in... thanks dear friend.

SO... here's my first official window "mistreatment"

Below is the shower curtain that's not complete yet but I had to add this picture b/c it's one of my most favorite fabric choices... and it was on sale (50% off) yippeee!

These next project isn't completed yet either but I'm needing some advice on color choice...

This is the boy's room and yes.. this is the way they left it last night b/c their mother was busy cleaning out the garage ALL day and so I had no idea of the devastation that awaited me when I climbed those stairs.

Anyway... back to color choices... they have lots of blue with splashes of red.. do you think this stripped blue fabric on the right blends into the wall too much?? Should I change it up since their other window treatment is the darker blue?? Any suggestions??

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The Nester said...


So sorry it took me so long to get here! I changed my email that was linked to my blog and it totally wrecked up the blogs I was following and I'm having to start over!


Love all of your colors! Beautiful Chocolate brown! Great mistreatment!

The only thing I would add to is for the light fabric in the boys room on the closet, i might add a dark blue fringe to it to make it pop. But, I LOVE blues on blues! What a cute room!