Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Much??

Alright, this is how my Saturday started out... yeah.. that would be my daughter playing peek-a-boo with me using her croissant. We are some Panera Bread lovin' fools.. well let me correct that statement... I AM A PANERA BREAD LOVIN' FOOL and my poor family is sometimes just along for the ride.

My husband had to go and give a few estimates before my son's soccer game so I was fully intending to head straight home and just chill out for a while. Well, wouldn't you know that I passed a yard sale sign on my way home and decided to stop.. which lead to a moving sale and then yet one more yard sale.. oh and my kids were super happy about all of that... but can they really complain with a DVD player in the van and a belly full of yummy panera bread??? I don't think so!

Then Braydon played soccer at noon with his team from last season as a fill in b/c one of their players was sick... Well, he was smokin' and scored the only 2 goals for his team and was even invited to stay for the "end of the season" party for a team that he wasn't even on. At the party they were giving out trophies and of course they didn't have one for Braydon b/c he's not even on the team but they gave him an "honorary" team member medal and he was super happy.

After the soccer game and party my sweet husband said, "Hey, honey why don't you go have some Mommy time and do a little shopping".. God love him.

Off I went fully intending to go to Target and TJ Maxx, BUT.. I made what was supposed to be a quick stop at the thirft store to just look at their furniture and this is what I ended up with...

So.. is it too much????

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The Nester said...

Hey hotmama--I think you did great at the thrift store!

I am a PROUD thrift store shopper! YOU go girl!